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A wicked man puts up a bold front, but an upright man gives thought to his ways  (Proverbs 21:29)
Once upon a time, a mill owner decided to view his factory. He wanted to bask in his fortunes. Did the workers produce all they could produce? When he arrived, he cried with the revelation that his wealth was obtained by the back-breaking work of others. He looked upon the filth of the factory floor. Then he noticed the children. Why weren’t they at home playing or attending school as were his children? He saw the women tugging loads meant for the muscular men. His wife went about raising money for charities while he enslaved the poor. He thought himself a kind compassionate person until this day showed him the kind of man he really was. While wearing the face of reformer, he oppressed the masses. He went home a saddened man, but much wiser. From that day on, he sought to live the life whereof he preached.


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