because the more things change the more they stay the same

>New Connections

>Now they have this think called a blog hop. Back in the Day hop meant either a dance or something a rabbit did. I guess the concept is you can hop from one blog to another. I suppose it’s no coincidence that hop and hope are only one letter apart. When we lift off, we hope we’ll land in a safe, comfortable place.

Enjoy your hopping and I’m hoping it’s a great experience. Love to know what you found while you rabbited around the net. Check out New Connections blog:


Comments on: ">New Connections" (3)

  1. >Like the rabbit picture. Interesting post-trying to find the origin of the term.

  2. >Tweeting, blogging, and now bloghopping – there is no limit to the new words we can come up with!

  3. >love the rabbit picture and concept:)

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